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Windows XP Support Ending

Microsoft is ending its support and updates this week for the Windows XP Operating System and also Microsoft Office 2003.


Here are some guidelines as to what we suggest you do;

  • If your computer is running slow and causing problems now, you need to speak to us at Rural PC to look at upgrading your computer as soon as possible.
  • If your computer is running well and not causing any troubles, we suggest you put a few plans in place to keep using your Windows XP computer safely
    • Stop using the web browser “Internet Explorer”. Google Chrome is a much safer browser to use. You can also use Firefox if you choose. Both of these are updated web browsers.
    • You must have an up to date and active Anti-Vius Program, Anti Spyware and Firewall. This is extremely important.
    • Make sure your software is updated to the current versions. e.g. Adobe, iTunes,Skype.
    • Make sure your current windows updates are fully downloaded and installed.
  • You should plan to either upgrade, as your budget allows, your operating system to either Windows 7 or 8, or purchase a new computer with Windows 7 or 8 which will have the latest technology within it.
    • We suggest that a new computer system be your best option, as even with a new operating system, there is a risk your old hardware, e.g. Motherboard. Hard drive, CPU will fail.


Please call us to discuss any information to do with the above, and we can help you make the best choice.