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Windows 10 is out soon, should I upgrade?

Windows 10
The Windows 10 free upgrade is available July 29th, but unless you are already well-informed with the advantages of Windows 10 we recommend that you wait before upgrading as the offer will be available for a year. What does this mean for you? If you do decide to upgrade there are some requirements and restrictions: It will require a 3GB download which may overflow your internet data usage Pla...

Windows XP Support Ending

Microsoft is ending its support and updates this week for the Windows XP Operating System and also Microsoft Office 2003.   Here are some guidelines as to what we suggest you do; If your computer is running slow and causing problems now, you need to speak to us at Rural PC to look at upgrading your computer as soon as possible. If your computer is running well and not causing any troubl...

Rural PC Support

Rural PC Support
Rural PC offer Remote Support and Helpdesk Phone Support We can log into your computer using your internet connection or help over the phone with: PC Health Check Update windows operating systems and program updates Repair security errors Repair / Install printers Disk cleanup and file sorting Network errors, options, setting up other equipment Set up email pr...